The Need of a Global School

The economy of Bangladesh is growing. It has Missions of many countries of the world; many foreign companies, international, multinational and UN organizations are working here and staff working in those organizations are living with their families. With the growing of textile and garments business many foreign families are living in Dhaka now. These families need international schools following worldwide curriculum and practice global school culture.
Many Non-Resident (NRB) Bangladeshis are sending their children back to Bangladesh to receive their school education. They also look for a global school practicing Bangladeshi culture and teaching Bangla language as subject. These group of people are looking for residential International school which we do not have at present.

The country is experiencing the rise of upper class and upper middle class in the past decade and right at this moment more than ever before. This new economic elites have experience of world culture and test of leading a quality life. Most of them want their children study abroad for higher education instead of going to Dhaka University or BUET. This new elite class wants their children to study in Global school in Bangladesh.

The educated middle class have realized that the world is becoming global every day. With the introduction of ICT application at different sectors, cable TV, smart phone and internet people now know the world better than before. Young people of our country can easily communicate and make friends with the youngsters of other countries. They can experience other life styles and find business or job easily on the other side of the planet. These young people are interested to develop international career. Studying in English medium school will give them competitive edge of advantage. Young people will understand the youngsters of the other side of the world if they study similar curriculum in their life.

The global wave is led by some UN organizations, developed nations with their multifarious economic activities, a number of powerful multinational corporations and International business houses. These organizations hunt the best brain of the world. The top notch of these organizations is controlling the economy of the world influenced by the powerful government and the nations. Representation in the top management of those organizations by any nation will give some competitive economic advantages over others. India is reaping the benefits of her nationals working in organizations as mentioned above and the country is rising as an economic power. Only International school education system and standard university education system can develop such human resource for Bangladesh.

The schools under national curriculum and some so called international schools have failed to create a global culture of school education and do not follow the academic best practice what happen around the world. In few cases we have witnessed that English medium schools in Bangladesh have become successful in many ways to develop school culture and teaching-learning practice. Learner's autonomy is addressed in many ways. Students' creativity and innovations are geared up and prioritized, teachers' continuous professional development is addressed, parental involvement in school education and micro accountability to the parental community are put in practice, curricular and co-curricular activities are looked after with equal emphasis besides academics. Adopting unfair means in public exams are not allowed and exam-driven suggestion-based study habit is lessened significantly. Bangladesh gets international recognition for the merit of Bangladeshi students who become top in any subject. When competing with students from around the world, students become more confident to face global challenges with an attitude and aptitude to win. Society's attitude towards the educational investment has been changed, people are eager to pay more for quality education. Schools are investing for better infrastructure and modern teaching aids, schools are also investing for teachers' professional development, teachers' performances are being evaluated and appraised in modern ways, parental involvement in educational development is addressed. Schools under national curriculum can surely benefit if they adopt the best practices introduced by English medium schools in Bangladesh. However, we need next generation of International school which maintains the international bench mark of quality education.

The advanced group of the society having mental and logistics ability to get global education for their children.. However, we have only a few non-residential international schools only based in Dhaka . As a result, the elites of district and divisional towns are looking for residential international school in Dhaka.
A School for the Intellectual elites and the future Leaders
The mission of the school is to create an intellectual elite class to lead the country in future. The students of this school will have global mind set, knowledge, competencies and skills. The students of this school will grow in a multi-cultural environment and grow with cultural understanding and tolerances. The knowledge to be achieved by the Cardiffians will be similar to that of the students from any part of the world.

As our economy still depends on selling human labour to other nations, therefore it is vitally important to know the culture and heritage of the people of the world. We need to know the taste, social pattern, life style, work habits and business ethics of the people from different nations.

Many nations in the world are running worldwide business and other cultural and economic activities through appropriate entrepreneurial, research and innovative method. International school can create entrepreneurial mindset and challenge taking visionary leadership skills in our future generation.

CISD rises above all the competitors
The teaching learning method, Technological support, curriculum, Human Resources, management practice, ECA and other school cultures will make this school unique in Bangladesh.

Best faculties from all over the countries for senior sections and foreign teachers in Leadership position and Language teaching

One of the barriers of Bangladeshi International school is the challenge of English Language teaching and learning specially for the speaking and listening skills. The Native teachers can help us in this respect. Students' language ability will be improved like the natives if the language teachers come from English speaking countries.
However, it has been observed that local teachers can produce better results in senior classes when exam results are counted. Keeping that in mind, our school has appointed English speaking teachers in junior level and local experts in senior level. Most of the local teachers teaching in CISD have been qualified in Cambridge International curriculum. Some of them have been qualified in CELTA (ESOL) University of Cambridge (UK).
CISD attracts the best teachers from renowned schools.

School with Digital Facilities
CISD provides such digital facilities to the school that the country never experiences before. We are going to use sustainable classroom technology, internet learning tool, distant learning technology, education management software and integrated school management software.

School campus with buildings having Artistic Green Exterior, convenient, multi functional and aesthetic Interior and sophisticated customer designed school furniture.
It will ensure comfort and homely feeling inside school campus and spread a pride among school community for such elegant buildings. The campus and the exterior of the building will brand itself to the neighborhood, visitor and virtual community.

School with Proper ECA Facilities
Hired football field, cricket pitch, tennis court, swimming pool, basket ball court besides own dance floor, art studio, music studio, entertainment hall, multipurpose auditorium, Sky observatory, museum, botanical garden, mini zoo will put the school above its competitors in Dhaka.

Most of the International schools in Bangladesh only offer Bangla and English Language, whereas most of the schools in Europe or America offer 3-4 modern foreign languages. We have very small sized economy compared to our huge number of population of 160 million. It is hard to provide job for this huge number of people in our economy. If the students know several languages and have some technical and vocational knowledge, they can take care of their own living. It will have greater impact on remittance earning of the country.

The world is divided in some major language zones like south Asian block, China-Japan-Korean block, Middle Asian Language block, Arabian Language block, British Colonial language block, French Colonial Language Block, Spanish colonial language block etc. If 5-6 languages are taught in a school, the students will be able to communicate with almost the whole world; and job and business opportunities will be higher than ever for our people.

School for NRB students
NRB students form a significant part of the student body of CISD. They are coming from Middle East, Europe and America. CISD provides effective guidance and global education facilities to NRB students.

School for Divisional students
CISD receives students from English Medium schools of divisional cities in higher classes.

School for Foreign Missions in Bangladesh
Many Foreign Missions staff simply cannot afford education in American International school or International School Dhaka because they are very expensive. CISD offers competitive tuition fee to students of foreign nationals from different embassies in Dhaka.

School for foreign Nationals and Multinationals or Internationals organizations
In Bangladesh, many foreign nationals are working in different foreign, multi national or international companies. CISD welcomes expatriate's children and maintains a high standard and flexible academic & cultural program for them.

School with Native English Teacher for ESL
CISD provides native ESL Teachers for English language teaching at junior classes. These teachers will help students of other languages to learn English and achieve all the four English Language skills up to the level of native speakers.

School of multiple curricula
The school offers Pre-school Curriculum from IPC (USA), International Primary School Programme (IPC) from UK, CAIE, CIPP, CLSP, CIE GCE O Level, CAIE, IGCSE and CAIE GCE A Level. It also offers vocational subjects from Edexcel International and BTEC.

Students do not need to attend any private Tuition
This school will remove the menace of private tuition with its customized school programme and with the help of international curriculum and residential or after school tutorial programme. Teachers are contracted with higher salary to work fulltime. Students and parents are going to enjoy the great school culture here.

School for Exchange Education
Students will be sending to different countries of the world in academic exchange visit every year. They will join school partnership programme. Students will enjoy this educational trip at different parts of the world and develop international mindset.

Contact Essentials

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