Developing Total Quality Human Resources Through Excellence in Education

We shall prepare all students for tomorrow's world through a partnership among school, home, and the larger community. We believe that setting high standards for student learning provides a solid foundation for accomplished academic, social, and physical development. Through a balanced curriculum aligned with state standards articulated across all grade levels, students are provided opportunities that will assist them in realizing their full potential. We believe that promoting understanding and appreciation of human diversity is essential in today's world. As students develop emotionally and socially, a greater comprehension of civic value, community partnerships, and responsibility is encouraged.

Vision for the school for the education of children in 21st Century is-
To motivate all children to achieve their full potential by taking part in a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum and to enable them to be confident to make a positive contribution in the wider world.

We aim to provide in the school a stimulating environment where children learn self-discipline, self-respect and social awareness and the languages and skills necessary for life in the community and school. We aim to make it a happy experience for children and to encourage pleasure in learning. We aim to provide the children with access to a broad and balanced range of educational opportunities whatever their sex, race, ethnicity or special circumstances. We aim to promote the development of each child's intellectual, social, emotional,

emotional, spiritual, aesthetic, creative, moral, ethical and physical attributes and to try to nurture inventiveness, originality and creativity at all stages of the educational process. The school recognises the need for all the adults who take part in school life to be well trained, and knowledgeable about the school, in order to contribute to the aims of education in the school as a whole.

In fine, the school's vision statement of the school is: 'Educating for life - by developing responsible students who respect and value diversity, success, self worth, creativity and friendship'

The school's motto is. Quality Education Leads to Empowerment

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