Access to Bus Transport
The school has contractual bus service for transportation of CISD students to and from their homes in different parts of the city.

Health Care
All children undergo a medical examination by the School Nurse and any concerns are referred to the School Doctor. Vision and hearing tests are carried out for Elementary school students. Students in primary school will be seen by the school doctor for a health interview. The school doctor can be contacted at the Medipoint Tel: 9127297. Medicines or tablets should not be brought into school by children. If medicine needs to be given, a form needs to be filled in and a discussion should take place with the child's teacher and the medicine should remain in the school office. Asthma inhalers will be kept in the class teacher's desk. A more detailed policy on management of pupils with medical needs is available in school.

School Psychologists
School psychology is a field that applies principles of clinical psychology and educational psychology to the diagnosis and treatment of children's and adolescents' behavioral and learning problems. School psychologists are educated in psychology, child and adolescent development, child and adolescent psychopathology, education, family and parenting practices, learning theories, and personality theories. They are knowledgeable about effective instruction and effective schools. They are trained to carry out psychological and psycho educational assessment, counseling, and consultation, and in the ethical, legal and administrative codes of their profession.

School psychologists are experts in both psychology and education. School psychologists address the educational, emotional, social, and behavioral challenges that many children, youth, and young adults experience. They apply their understanding of human development, psychopathology, the impact of culture, learning theory, the principles of effective instruction and effective schools, and the impact of parent and family functioning on children to serve learners and their families.

Cardiff International School Dhaka offer psychological assistance to its learners wherever needed.

Higher Study Counseling
Our Higher study counselor will help the students about their subject choice in GCE O and A Levels. The Counselor will help the students to choose right higher study decision based on the natural ability and interest of the student. Higher study advisor will also help the students to choose appropriate university and subjects to apply for undergraduate study. The counselor will prepare a higher study guideline, maintain a file for each student about their preparation for university admission application, guiding for SAT and IELTS, iBT, admission essay writing, assisting for scholarship search, visa processing and other assistance for study in Universities in Bangladesh and abroad.
Digital Port Folio

Cardiff will maintain a Digital Port Folio for each student with the samples of their selected work, formative assessment, test performance and scores of any exams. It will help the teachers, students and parents to see the performance pattern of the students. It will guide us to take decision about the future course of study. It can be accessed by the parents, universities admission counselor and job recruitment authorities later on with the permission of the students.

Digital Management Communication Systems
We are going to maintain call service, web application and mobile application to maintain communication with parents and guardians. Internet, e-mail, SMS, video conferencing, forum and blog posting will make our communication convenient and effective as and when required.
Students Support Service
For the learners who will face difficulty with language, culture and any study area will be offered additional help from the students service department through effective course, counselling and mentoring.

Scouting will improve interpersonal and leadership qualities of the students. Students will be able to spend time in wider circle of the community and society.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award-DEA
Duke of Edinburgh's International Award will give real opportunities to the students to create friendship across the country and culture. It will improve their personal and leadership skills. It will also benefit them in international scale for higher study and career placement.

Educational Software
We will subscribe world renowned computer adaptive multimedia and internet based academic tutorial software and programes for practising Maths, Science, English and Art and Design so that the students can learn in their own time and space. It reduce extra burden of private tuition for the students.

Diagnostic Test
Cardiff International School Dhaka will conduct world recognized diagnostic tests for key subjects like Maths, Science, English and ICT to diagnosis the teaching-learning gaps of the teachers and students of each class. It will ensure the success for each and every child of the school.

Learning Resources

Apart from the school library, the school website and the school management software will create a huge web based learning tools for the students so that they can learn more, faster and anytime from anywhere in the world.

Laboratories, Art, Design & Technology Center
The laboratories are equipped to high standards of safety, and support the core programs of learning science right from an early age. Skills of experimentation is not only taught but encouraged under the supervision of trained teachers and laboratory technicians. CISD Art, Design and Technology Center are outstanding for it helps to prepare students for living and working in a technological world. It does this by teaching them how to analyze products and their application, specific knowledge and application, and the design methods and manufacturing skills needed to produce quality practical solutions to real problems. CISD students are encouraged to pursue individual projects with the support and advice of teachers and visiting experts. The best of these experiments may lead to commercially viable products even while the students are still at school.

ICT in Education
The school offers a complete programme of ICT from Playgroup to Year 12 and all pupils access the ICT labs regularly for lessons and preparation. We have mobile computer labs for each classroom. All the classrooms, Science Laboratories and ICT Lab are having multimedia projector, Projection screen, TV, DVD Player and sound system.
There are Digital white board rooms supported with multimedia projectors, lesson recording device, Inter-write Pad, and Personal Response System (PRS).

CISD will provide access toCISD will provide access to

l on-line textbooks
l engaging on-line learning games and practice exercises that can be individually programmed or used in large group instruction

l Multimedia text books of the printed books
Online computer adaptive practice lessons will be delivered for Maths, English, ICT and Science.
CISD's unique curriculum is complimented with customized software programs and cutting-edge technology equipment.

Using the latest advances in web application software development, the team at CISD will work closely with educators to develop Internet based modules that can be integrated seamlessly with any of the classrooms at CISD.
Each classroom in the CISD will be an age appropriate learning environment that uses new and emerging digital solutions geared toward the future of education.

Each of the students will be able to use a personal laptop that is linked to internal network.
The classroom environment will make use of the facility-wide wireless network to link the teachers and students together on a system called CISD-NET.

CISD-NET is an Intranet system that allows students and teachers to exchange digital resources electronically by having students create their own personal student profile. These profiles will consist of their basic information for classroom use: a classroom e-mail box for communications between teachers and students; and a file management system for organizing and sorting assignments.
Modern Foreign Languages:
We offer modern foreign language like French, German, Mandarin, Arabic, Spanish and Japanese as optional subjects.
Children are encouraged to explore language through a variety of ways, such as songs, games and role-play experiences. Through these activities children will develop their understanding of the world and languages. They will be able to ask and answer questions and discuss topics of interest with confidence and enjoyment.
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