Summative assessment is the judgment made by the teacher of the standard of achievement reached by each student at the end of each stage of the particular programme. Assessment tasks at CISD reflect the objectives and assessment criteria of the programmes and are carefully chosen to measure the achievement level expected for the relevant age group. Summative assessment generates the marks and grades awarded. Summative assessment practices employed at CISD include: in-class and ex-class essays; student presentations – live or PowerPoint; case studies; poster design; newspaper articles; use of developmental workbooks; assessment portfolios; observation of students; practical workshops and experiments; viva voce; research assignments; unit tests; standardised testing; formal examinations; videotaping of performance; persuasive, creative and analytical writing tasks; written responses to literature; letters and diaries; film and book reviews; listening and speaking tasks; comprehension exercises. It is intended that students will be provided with the major assessment task(s) and criteria at the beginning of each unit and are given task-specific rubrics in order to assist them in the planning and creation of summative assessment tasks. In CISD students experience a variety of assessments tasks. Plagiarised work is not accepted from any student mature enough to understand the concept and the Harvard system of referencing is taught from Grade 4. Students are required to complete the school’s Declaration of Academic Honesty and to include it in major assignments, examinations.

Assessment is monitored by the curriculum coordinators who review all unit plans. Curriculum coordinators meet with each subject’s faculty at the start of each academic year and assist each faculty to complete the Faculty assessment practices. Coordinators also meet with teachers each semester to discuss assessment practices identified in the self-appraisal of assessment practices questionnaire. Internal and external assessment is used to assist teachers and coordinators in the development and improvement of curricula in order to meet student needs. Internal assessment is used by teachers to improve students’ performance each year and move to the next level. External assessment is used for diagnostic tools, for Primary graduation, Lower Secondary graduation, GCE O Level and GCE A Level graduation.

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