Senior School : The senior school is in a six storey building. The facilities of the building are as follows:

Ground Floor: Electric Substation, Power Generator, reception, admission office, accountants and security post.

1st Floor: Playgroup to Class-I.

2nd Floor: Office of Principal, Office of Vice Principal, Teachers' Conference Room, Board of Director Room, Supply Chain Management Office.

3rd Floor: Classrooms for Class 2-Class 5, Computer Lab, Library

4th Floor: Classroom Class6-Class10, Teachers' Workstation

5th Floor: Combined Science Lab, Classroom11-12, Commerce Room, Conference Room.

6th Floor: Cafeteria, Teacher's Lounge, Pool Board, Table Tennies, Exam Hall.

Junior School : Kids' Zone and Classroom for Play Group, Nursery and Kindergarten and class-1, Principal's Office, Kid's library.

Each floor has Close Circuit Security Camera, Biometric Access Control Device and PA Sound System.
All the rooms, offices, Labs, Library and Play zones are fully air conditioned.
Each Classroom has Air conditioner, multimedia Projector, CD player, Sound System and Computer.

Kids' Zone
Kids' zone is equipped with toys and other learning tools like charts, blocks, project materials, models etc. Students learn with fun while playing.

Sports Zone
Sports zone has pool table, table tennis, carom and chess board. It has TV screen and music system
Technology Lab
Technology lab is equipped with electronic technology, automobile technology, aircraft and rocket technology, picture, charts, models and designs.

Science Lab
Science labs are equipped with scientific equipments, models, charts, chemicals, CD player, projector, Sound System and Computer.
Mobile Computer Lab
The school maintains mobile laptop computer lab for each classroom. Teachers do not need to take the students to the computer lab for regular classes where ICT Technology is used

for teaching-learning any subjects. This way teaching time is saved and learning becomes powerful and faster with any time use of technology for any purpose.
Computer Lab
The computer lab has 30 brand new Core-i5 computers with internet connectivity. Computer lab is used for computer programming, multimedia production, internet browsing and other ICT related learning. The whole school is a WiFi Zone with faster internet connectivity.
Music Room and Dance Floor
Music room has musical instrument, computer, TV screen, sound system and dance floor.
A full time pediatric Surgeon with one bed and first aid medicine are available in medi
point. Regular health screening and vaccination activities are conducted on regular basis
by the school health care services.
Design Studio and Art Gallery

Prayer Room
The school has a spacious prayer room for the students and member of staff.
School library has books of different genre and authors of all ages. It has both text books and reference books also. A huge collection of fiction and no-fictional collection books are stored for all ages of students. It has stack of CDs, DVDs, magazines, newspaper and journals. The library has an e-library section with computer and internet connection. For language practice it has also TVs and DVDs with Head Phones.
Auditorium is small but cozy. It has built in stage, sound system, lighting panel, video panel for students' presentation, performance and movie show. O Level & A Level exams, SAT and IELTS are conducted in the auditorium.

Sky Observatory
Sky observatory has a modern telescope to see the heavenly bodies and students' solar system and planetarium research.

The museum has a variety of archaeological, historical plants and zoological collection.

Snacks, lunch and tea and other healthy drinks are served in Cafeteria.
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