Cardiff International School Dhaka (CISD) is a brand name in Bangladesh. Since establishment in 2013, it has made remarkable progress in providing quality education in the country. The school has established better physical facilities. State of the art classrooms, audio-visual aids, swimming pool and play ground are its essential features. The academic faculties of CISD are experts in their area of specialization having vast experience in teaching profession.

Continuous improvement, teamwork and innovation are essential features of CISD which endeavor to provide better education. The school education focuses on the following philosophy.
1. Knowledge:100% understanding of subjects.
2. Wisdom: ability to apply knowledge and experiences to make the right decisions, the correct choices and the right judgment.
3. Eloquent speech: Clear, fluent and flawless presentation of ideas and living a participated life.
4. Spiritual perception: Ability to differentiate between right and wrong.

Through these focuses of CISD, our future performers are expected to become a "Total Quality Person" (TQP), who will be individuals with high level of personal skills, strong society focus mastering the art of service to mankind. These are the individuals who will be future performers and global citizens.

In the process, commencing from 2016 CISD will make presence in the international arena through Student Quality Control Circles, global parliament, debate, collage, skit etc. As a result, students of CISD will be highly quality conscious, humanity focused and spiritually enriched people.

It is important for all parents and guardians to choose a system of education which really converts their ward into a Total Quality Person who are essentially needed in the future society. They can rely on the people building services provided by CISD.


Thank You.

Ayesha S. Chowdhury
Principal Head of School

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