Cardiff International School Dhaka
An Enterprise of Cardiff International Limited
House: 60/A, Road-27 (old), Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
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Modus Operandi of Cardiff International School Dhaka
Approved by the Board of Directors of Cardiff International limited
on 11th March 2017 in the 36th Meeting









Modus Operandi of Cardiff International School Dhaka (CISD)





Cardiff International School Dhaka located at
(1) House: 60/A, Road: 27 (old), Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka-1209
(2) House: 2/9, Block-D, Lalmatia
(3) House:11, Road:28, Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka-1209
is an enterprise of Cardiff International Limited (CIL). CIL mobilized technical, human and material resources to establish Cardiff International School Dhaka. Since inception in 2013 the Board of Directors of CIL is managing the affairs of the school and promulgated several rules, regulations, policies and bye-laws. This modus operand is the umbrella guideline which encompasses all rules, regulations, policies and bye-laws so far framed and those will be promulgated in the future.



Legal status


An enterprise of Cardiff international Limited (CIL)



Board of Governors (BOG)


Board of Directors (BOD) of Cardiff International Limited.
Management Committee



Scope & Applica-


These rules/ guidelines will be applicable to the whole of Cardiff International School Dhaka.





Developing Total Quality Human Resources through Excellence in Education.



Focus of CISD Education


a. Knowledge: 100% understanding of subjects. 
b. Wisdom: ability to apply knowledge and experiences to make the right decisions, the correct choices and the right judgment. 
c. Eloquent speech: Clear, fluent and flawless presentation of ideas and living a participated life. 
d. Spiritual perception: Ability to differentiate between right and wrong.





Cambridge International Curriculum,
English Medium



Overall Services of the School


  • Cambridge International PrimaryProgramme.
  • Cambridge International Secondary Programme.
  • Cambridge International GCE O Level Qualification.
  • Cambridge International GCE A Level Qualification.
  • Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Certificate.



Overall Manage-


  • Chairman is the overall figurehead of the school.
  • Principal Head of School (PHOS) is the Executive Head and Principal Accounting Officer of CISD.
  • PHOS shall report to the Chairman on routine matters.
  • PHOS shall report to the Board of Directors/ Management Committee (Executive Committee) from time to time.
  • PHOS shall exercise powers as delegated by the BOG/ BOD.



Financial Manage-


  • Bank Account: Accounts to be opened in any scheduled bank of Bangladesh.Title and operation of the account will be decided by the BOG/BOD.
  • Principal Accounting Officer: PHOS will be the Principal Accounting Officer of CISD.
  • Books of Accounts: Books of accounts will be maintained following Bangladesh accounting practices.
  • Sources of Fund:
  • Investment
  • Donation
  • Applicable charges payable by the students/ guardians for receiving services as decided by the BOG/BOD from time to time.
  • Audit: The accounts of the school will be audited by a chartered Accountant to be appointed by the AGM/ BOD/BOG.



Powers of PHOS


  • Administrative and Financial powers as delegated by BOG/BOD from time to time.
  • Full power to form committees as necessary to operate the school.
  • Full power to guide academic, co & extracurricular activities.
  • Full power to communicate and liaise with relevant agencies.
  •  Full powers to recruit staff following the direction of the BOG/BOD and as prescribed in the Employee Service Rules.



Ethical Policy


All activities within the purview of this modus operand will be carried out in a transparent, fair and ethical manner. Highest level of accountability will be maintained. Stakeholders will be involved in all decision making where relevant. Value based real life education will be practiced as far as possible.





BOD/BOG will review, modify and amend these rules from time to time to ensure continued suitability.





These rules are expected to lead the school to a top level educational institution in the country.



Applicable Rules/ Procedures


1. Employee Service Rules
2. Admission Procedure
3. Discipline Procedures
4. Examination Control System
5. Child Protection Policy
6. Performance Appraisal System
7. Procedure for Honesty Learning Project




(A.M.M.Khairul Bashar)                                          (Anwar HossainChowdhury)
Principal Head of School                                                  Chairman

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