Special Educational Needs (SEN)

CISD has a comprehensive Learning Support Department which gives intensive and specialised programmes to students who have learning difficulties or who need to 'catch up'.

Classes are kept small and extensive use is made of teacher aides to provide a great deal of individual help. Parents can be assured of caring and comprehensive student support in a programme where the abilities of all students are realistically assessed and individual learning needs are effectively catered for.

Special Needs provision is a very important aspect of our school. We have an In-School Support team which is utilised to meet the needs of our children and we pride ourselves on the level of communication and co-operation we gain from parents through this process. A separate S.E.N. policy is available from the school office.
Teaching Assistants work within each class providing extension and support for all pupils with additional time given also to those pupils who have special educational needs.

When a child is identified as having a special education need, parents are consulted and an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is drawn up to target their learning. This is a tiered system driven by need. We aim to recognise the particular difficulties the child is experiencing and develop strategies to help provide additional time and support. Some children may only need a year or two of this type of intervention.

A child is identified as having special educational needs through the process of continual assessment and liaison between teachers and the Principal. This may be caused by behavioural problems, a deficiency in sight or hearing, physical disablement, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia or some other problem which needs identifying. Parents will then be consulted over the child's needs. Possible school strategies to help will be suggested.

It may include liaison between school and home so that both areas are focusing on one particular need. It may be suggested that extra help is required in which case a referral to the educational psychologist will be commenced.

There will then follow liaison between the school, educational psychologist, and home. If the educational psychologist is in agreement with school there may be a State

There will then follow liaison between the school, educational psychologist, and home. If the educational psychologist is in agreement with school there may be a Statement of Special Educational Needs.

Particular special educational needs are found in the school and are given individual help include physically disabled children and children with hearing and visual impairment.

Children are indentified as having special educational needs by the class teacher, medical Professional or parent. The school monitors the educational achievement of its children closely and the results inform or confirm the class teacher's assessment, which is used as the basis for target setting and review which takes place termly.

Steps are taken to prevent disabled pupils from being treated less favourably than other pupils. One of the new major rules of the school is respect for other children and any infringement of this carries punishment.

Work within the classroom on morals will also feature on how we should behave towards each other regardless of differences. Some of this is addressed through assemblies.

The Special Needs team will work with children in small groups to target specific needs as well as work with them in the classroom to accomplish goals within their ability levels. The amount of time spent in the classroom will be determined by each student's ability level.
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