Although we are not an IB School (not yet at least), we believe in IB philosophy. Our students are encouraged to question, discover and communicate through an interdisciplinary and integrated approach to learning. The combination of highly trained teachers, a challenging, yet flexible curriculum and an individual approach to learning, allows students to develop to their full potential. The end result is quality education for the international student.

All the students of Cardiff International School Dhaka learn to be :

Caring Care for others. Be sensitive to the needs of other people. Be a good friend to your classmates.

Communicate Think and communicate effectively in many ways and in more than one language.

Inquire Be curious about the world. Conduct research independently. Develop a love for learning and discover new things.

Knowledgeable Independently explore relevant and significant concepts. Remember what you have learned. Draw on this knowledge and apply it to new situations in your life.

Open-Minded Listen to other points of view and consider many possibilities before making a decision. Celebrate the differences in the world.

Principled Have a sense of fairness and be honest with yourself and with others. Know the rules at school and follow them. Complete your work independently to the best of your ability.

Reflective Know your strengths and areas of improvement. Think about these things and make positive changes where you can. Reflect on situations that occur before taking action. Think creatively and critically

Courageous Dare to try new things. Solve problems in many ways. Be brave and tell people what
you think is right.

Balanced Be healthy by eating properly and exercising. Understand that it is important to have a balance between the physical and mental aspects of your body.

Thinkers Exercise initiative in applying thinking skills critically and creatively to recognize and approach complex problems, and make reasoned, ethical decisions.

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