Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly starts 8:15 sharp on the first day of the new school year, as well as for the rest of the year. All learners (except Playgroup and Nursery) gather in the lobby for assembly. We value PUNCTUALITY as a high priority at this institution.

After School Tutorial Programme (ASTP)

After School Tutorial Programme is offered to the students who needs additional help for home work and assignment at home. When parents are busy and not available to offer academic help to the students they can put the child in this programme. This help is offered after the regular school hour. Children take lunch at the school cafeteria and stay in comfortable casual wares during ASTP hours.

After School Activities Programme (ASAP)

After school activities like music, dance, drama, recitation, debate, photography training, interior designing, animation work, video game production etc is offered after school hours from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm on payment.

Super Saturday Activities, Fun and Creativity Programme
On Saturday, students are taken for field trip, study tour, practice of football, cricket, handball and basketball.

Students can spend their time in school premises also and attend debate and cartoon workshop. They can also have group study or other activities of their own.

Pastoral Care

In the nursery pastoral care is undertaken by the teacher and sisters. In the main school pastoral care is undertaken by a number of adults, but the main responsibility will be undertaken by the class teacher.

If a child is ill during school time the parent is usually notified by the school, which is why a parent/guardian will be asked to give an emergency telephone number and asked to keep the school informed of any change in circumstances. There may be occasions when your child expresses worries to you about some aspect of the school. Please listen to him/her and if you think there is a real problem, contact us sooner rather than later. When children are injured in an accident, parents are informed immediately. Minor scrapes are dealt with by school doctor, but we do urge you to keep us informed about any special medical instruction. For the children's safety, we will not let any child out of school during the day for an appointment without written permission from the parent. This rule will be rigidly upheld. We do urge you to collect your children at such times. (We would rather a child miss an appointment than risk an "unfortunate incident" while the child is legally in our care).

Field Visits

As part of the curriculum work, student are regularly taken for important educational site visit within the city area guided by the teachers. During the visit students need to take notes, photographs and videos. They need work in a group or individually. They need to prepare assignment and report based on the visit.

Study Tour and Excursion

Students are taken to annual study tour and excursion outside of Dhaka to visit factory, industrial area, farming area, places of natural and historical importance. Sometime they are taken abroad to show site, industry, activity and culture and custom to create global mindset.

Annual Camping

Students go outside Dhaka to attend annual camping and adventurous journey. They do community service, hiking and other form of physical expedition also while on camping.

Exchange Visits

Students visit schools in Europe, America and Asia as part of exchange education. During their visit they stay in Host family, attend school and social event, go for sight seeing.

Parent - School Liaison

There is an open evening in each Term when parents/guardians have the opportunity to discuss their children's work. During the rest of the school year parents/guardians are welcome to contact the Principal/Vice Principal and/or make an appointment to see the class teacher. A report on the child's academic progress is written in the First Term and an opportunity is given to discuss the report if needed as well as to look at the children's work. At the end of the First Term there is a general invitation to all parents/guardians to help in the school and nursery during the following year. This help is most valuable giving the children more adult attention than they would otherwise receive. Parents/Guardians usually join us for the Pahela Boishakh, Eid re-union, Christmas Service, Sports Day and Musical Afternoon. They are also invited by the children to their class assembly which is usually held once a year.
Liaison with a positive attitude between parents and teachers is of the utmost importance and is strongly recommended. This is for the benefit of your child (ren). Communication between home and school is very important. You are invited to contact the school if you are uncertain about anything, or if you require more information about something. Please make use of this opportunity during parent evenings. In case of problems, rather speak to the principal/teacher personally, before making use of other options.

Parents are requested to please support all school activities, especially sports events. The school is always welcoming parents who could assist in coaching of any sports code.


Schools Events

Annual Sports, picnic, annual cultural programme, project display, parent-student conference, drama festivals, Music Festivals, Debate Festivals, community service week, camping etc. are the major school events of the year.

National Festivals

Chaitro Sangktanti, Boishakhi Mela, Nobanno Utshob, Indepence Day, Victory Day are the major national festivals and days the school are going to observe.

International Events

International Mother Language Day, UN day, Teachers Day, May Day, Parents Day, and Environmental Day etc. are the major international festivals and days the school is going to celebrate and observe.

Syllabus Booklet

All the students will be given a syllabus booklet detaining the syllabus for all subjects, list of educational movies the students are going to be shown, dates of exam and test, calendar of events, holidays etc. at the beginning of each year.

Home Study Guide

Each student will be given a home study booklet at the beginning of each session. The Home study Booklet will contain list of 12 books on science, arts, business, fiction and non-fiction, the students needs to study at home apart from their text books and refence book.

Book Review

The students needs write 12 book review each year which will be checked and selected for award for the best review of the year.

Tutoring Service

Each and every students will be under the tutoring service for each subject apart from the normal class and the subject teacher. Students can share any problem related to specific subject with the respective tutor.

24 Hour Weekly Routine

At the beginning of the session each and every student will have to submit a 24 Hour Weekly Routine to the class teacher, so that the school can track on the daily life pattern of the students.

Promotion Policy

Students have to score minimum 50% marks in all the assignment, field work, home work, class work, class test and hall test to qualify for promotion to the next higher class at the end of the academic session.

Parental Workshop

Parents will be offered workshop and training on guardianship and curriculum matters to address the learning and grooming needs of the children at home.

Partnership Programme

The school will have joint project and camping with other schools in Bangladesh and abroad.

School Information and Contact Addresses

Name & Address: Cardiff International School Dhaka,
Senior Section: House # 60/A, Road # 27 (old), 16 New, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
Jun ior Section: House# 2/9, Block# D, Lalmatia, Dhaka-1207

Pupils Enrolment Capacity: 500 approximately
Age Range: 3 -17 Co-educational

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