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Honesty Learning Project 01 Nov.2016


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Honesty Learning Project



A compliant person will practice honesty all through his/her life in all situations. For peace and happiness society must be composed of honest people. Cost of being dishonest is too high and society cannot afford it. However it is increasingly becoming difficult to practice honesty in all situations. This is because of the emerging complexity of the material world. In case of Bangladesh it is a dire need that people practice honesty in all situations. To meet the greater challenge of practicing honesty it is necessary to learn it at a tender age. Hence learning honesty is a subject of educational institution. Accordingly, Cardiff International School Dhaka (CISD) has initiated this project.
Under the slogan of “catch them young” and “zero defect” , “Honesty Learning Project” has been initiated.


Partner Organisation

Bangladesh Ethics Foundation



The project will help students of CISD to be honest throught their life. The project particularly aims at the following.

  1. Learning honesty
  2. Students are able to practice honesty
  3. Students demonstrate responsible behavior
  4. Students are able to make right choices and correct decisions
  5. Developing morality, ethics and trustworthiness in society


Basic Principles

The project is pursued under the common framework of

  1. Catch Them Young
  2. Zero Defect
  3. Honesty is the Only Policy ( Not the Best Policy)


Project Component & Phases

  1. Teaching honesty in academic sessions and encouraging students to practice honesty in everything.
  2. Practice of buying and selling in Honesty Shop
  3.  Examination with self invigilation
  4. Always Telling the Truth


Project Management

  1. Patron:
  2. Bangladesh Ethics Foundation
  3. Board of Directors, CISD
  4. Project Adviser : AMM Khairul  Bashar
  5. Project Director : Ehsanul Amin
  6. Shop Manager :

8. Program of Events

Learning honesty

Practice of buying and selling in Honesty Shop

Examination with self invigilation

Extension to other areas

  1. Motivational lecture by the Principal
  2. Motivational talk in the morning assembly
  3. Lectures by teachers

d. Debate on “honesty”

a. Marchandise: books & stationery
b. Opening time:8 :30 – 2:30 pm (change from time to time)
c. No shop keeper
d. Cash Box in the centre
e. Price tag on all item
f. Price list outside the shop
g. Price list on notice boards
h. Provision to requisition in case of non-availability of materials
i. Recording entry to the shop in the log-book outside the shop
j. Physical verification: fortnightly, monthly
k. Cash box opening: once a week

a. Surprise tests to make students remain prepared for examination at all times.
b. Students will take responsibility for appearing examination fairly.
c. Students will enter the exam hall on time.
d. Turnover the script kept on the table only after sounding the bell.
e. Follow exam rules: no talk, looking sideways, copying etc
e. Stop writing & leave the hall after sounding final bell.

a. confession book
b. competitions

9. This system will be reviewed from time to time and improved.

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