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Memo No: CISD/Academic/253                                                                                 Date: 04 August, 2016
Subject: Examination Control System of CISD: Approved By the Board of Directors
Henceforth, conducting examinations and preparation of result will be carried out in the following manner.

  1. Question Making Plan


Marks Distribution

Exam Time

Submission Deadline

10 to 12

As per Cambridge Exam Standard

CIE Standard

Examiners must submit Question Paper at least two (2) months before the semester final.

8 to 9

a. Hall Test – 70
(Examiner will make the questions following the CIE standard but after exam they will submit the marks converting into 70)
b. CT- 20
c. Attendance & Assignment - 10

CIE Standard

KG-I to 7

a. Hall Test – 60
b. CT- 20
c. Attendance– 10
d. Assignment - 10

1 hour to 2 hour

PG to Nursery

No Hall Test , only Evaluation & Grading


  1. Question Paper
    1. An internal question setter (one of the school teachers) will set initial question papers. Question papers are to be submitted to the Member-Secretary of the examination committee within the stipulated time in a sealed envelope.
    2. A second question setter (may be internal or external) for each paper will work as the moderator of the question paper. S/he will submit the final question to the Member-Secretary of the examination committee.
    3. Examination Committee will select and appoint all question setters.
  2. Script Checking
    1. Internal examiner will examine the answer scripts and record all marks in the prescribed mark sheet and submit the answer scripts to the member-secretary of the examination committee.
    2. A second examiner, appointed by the Examination Committee will verify the script at random, correct the mark sheet as necessary and hand over mark sheet and script to the Member-Secretary.
  3. Class Test (CT)
    1. Subject teacher must take at least 4 class tests at a standard time interval. Class Test may be surprised or announced. Marks should be average of all class tests.
    2. Depending on the type of questions, it may be printed or written on the board.
    3. Subject teacher will record marks of CTs in the prescribed mark sheet and submit to the class teacher.
  4. Marks for Attendance: Subject Teacher will assess and allocate marks.
  5. Marks for Assignments: Subject Teacher will assess and allocate marks.
  6. Conducting Examination
      1. Campus Coordinators will prepare the examination schedule, make seating arrangement, appoint invigilators, conduct the examination and maintain record of attendance.
      2. Campus Coordinators will collect the latest fee position of the students and identify the students not eligible to sit for the exam and inform them in advance.
      3. Campus Coordinators will collect final question papers from the Member-Secretary and ensure reproduction in advance. They will issue question paper to the invigilators.
      4. After collecting the script Campus Coordinator with the help of the Member-Secretary will hand over the scripts to the internal examiner.
  7. Tabulation
      1. Internal Examiner/ Subject Teacher under the supervision of the Member-Secretary of the Examination Committee will prepare mark sheet of relevant subjects incorporating hall exam marks, assignment, attendance etc.
      2. Under the supervision of the Member-Secretary, Class Teachers with the help of the Data Entry Person will prepare the final result.
  8. ECA – includes Art, Music, and Games.

a. All ECA Classes will be provided up to class 7 and from 8 to 9, the school will provide only Games classes. If any senior student is interested to take Art/Music/Dance then particular subject teacher can arrange extra classes for the student after school.
b. Teacher will not give any Marks for ECA, they will only give Grade in the 1st& 2nd term exam. They will record the grades in the prescribed format and submit to the class teacher.

  1. Report Card Preparation  

a. Final Report card will have three major Parts-

  1. Results of 1st Semester
  2. Results of 2nd Semester
  3. Annual Result – combination of the result of 1st& 2nd Semester

                b. The authority will appoint Data Entry Operator for report card preparation.
c. Class Teachers will be responsible to oversee that the Report Cards are meticulously compiled; all inputs are appropriately recorded and signed before distribution.
d. Class teachers in association with Campus Coordinator will ensure that soft and print copies of Report Cards are maintained in the office of the Campus Coordinator.
e. A secured copy of (soft) Report Cards will be kept with the MIS.

This will come into effect immediately.


(A.M.M.Khairul Bashar)
Principal Head of School

Copy for Distribution and Necessary Action to:
1. All Campus Coordinators
2. All Heads of Departments
3. All Lead Teachers/ Class Teachers
4. MIS

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