Criteria for Enrollment
Criteria for enrollment include age, previous schooling, English language proficiency, learning achievement, program availability for special learning needs, parents' and/or organization's capacity to pay registration and school fees, consideration for a parent's transfer, deputation in Dhaka from abroad or other parts of the country and a child's requirement for an International curriculum.

All students with successful academic performance shall be guaranteed space for continued enrollment. Parents are interviewed for admission in Playgroup and Nursery- children are also observed to see their socializing pattern. For KG to Class 10, students shall be given a school admission examination for the purpose of determining previous academic achievement, grade level placement and/or English language proficiency. For admission in AS/A Level, students need to show their IGCSE, CGE O Level, SSC or any other examinations' results.

Previous Schooling
Parents are responsible for submitting official documentation of their child's previous school experience, including transcripts, standardized test scores, report cards, health records, etc. A child's application may be delayed or denied if appropriate documentation is not provided.

Grade Placement
The minimum age for admission into the Playgroup class is 3 years by August. 3.5 year old students can take admission in Playgroup in December for January term and will be promoted to Nursery in July. 2 year old students can take admission in Pre-play wellbeing class in December for January Term. They will be promoted to playgroup from July also.

Generally, the Principal decides the grade placement of students. Placement is based on a number of factors, including the age of the student, previous school records and the student's ability and needs. The principal's decision on grade placement is FINAL.
Enrolment AGE
School and Age Equivalents in Other School Systems
English Language Proficiency
English language proficiency is required for full participation in the school's instructional program. For no additional fee, the school shall maintain a high standard program that enables ESL students to gain language proficiency. Criteria for the enrollment of students without such proficiency shall include all cited enrollment regulations.

Specialized Learning Assistance
Students who have physical handicaps, emotional/behavioral difficulties and/or learning disabilities severe enough to require individualized assistance beyond the school's limited special learning assistance program, will NOT be enrolled in the school. CISD provides programs and strategies to serve students with VERY MILD learning difficulties. The definition of " very mild" is based on the assumption that any student accepted for enrollment will be able to successfully complete regular classroom activities for approximately 85 percent of the school day in the elementary school. In the high school, the student will be able to successfully complete all regular class education requirements as outlined in the "Program of Studies."

Registration Procedure
In order to expedite the registration process, requested documentation may be forwarded to the admission office in advance of the student's arrival. Applications, school records, standardized test scores, photocopies of passports, visas, and health records will be accepted through fax, mail or PDF electronically. Should there be a need for testing, conditional admission may be granted after a full review of documentation, and confirmed after successful completion of admission testing upon arrival. Upon receiving the required documentation, the school will immediately begin the admission process for each student. The admission office will review completed forms. Based on this review, the student may be scheduled for testing. Students may begin classes within a few days following testing and admission approval.

  • Applicants must, together with their applications, submit to the principal a certified copy of a birth certificate and the latest progress report.
  • Applicants must undertake to obey the school rules, to honour the principles, ethos and disciplinary measures of the school.
  • Parents, as well as learners, must undertake to commit themselves to the aims and mission of the school.
  • Parents must undertake to accept responsibility for the payment of all financial obligations.
  • Applicants with a record of bad behaviour or expulsion from any other school will be dealt with on merit and will only be admitted in exceptional circumstances.
  • Parents must see to it that transport is not a problem with regard to school attendance and participation of extra-mural activities.
  • Parents must show a visible interest in all school activities offered.
  • Learners must adhere to the prescribed guidelines with regard to the school uniform as determined by the school.
  • The total number of learners shall not exceed the facilities available at the school.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are permanent residents of the school's immediate vicinity (except special class applicants).
  • No failures of other schools will be considered except in cases of merit.
Non-Discriminatory Policy
The school admits students of any race, color and national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available at the school. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, athletic and other school-administered programs. The CISD Board of Directors shall uphold the principle of equal opportunity. Every child enrolled in the school, regardless of sex, race, creed, color, national origin, academic ability, cultural or economic background shall be given maximum opportunity for educational development.

Tuition & Fees
Tuition fees will be established annually by the CISD Board of Directors. Tuition fee payment shall be made prior to the time of a student's attendance in order to regularize the school's budgeting, purchasing and hiring procedures. Board policy states that school fees must be paid before the children attend their first day of class. Parents electing to pay tuition on a semester basis, must declare this in writing and follow the procedure outlined by the Financial Affairs Committee.

Registration Fee

Each application must be accompanied by nonrefundable application fee.
Tuition and Payment of Fees
Tuition is invoiced on a full-year basis unless the child is entering school during or after the second quarter. The school's operating budget reflects annual expenses for personnel and instructional materials. For this reason, tuition or tuition refunds are not prorated on a monthly basis, even though students enroll throughout the year.

Enrolment acceptance Letter from School
After accepting enrolment the school will write a letter to parents like-
Dear Parentsour child is hereby admitted as a learner to our school.
On acceptance of placement at CISD, compulsory school fees, which will be determined by the School Board, will be payable by the parent, accompanied by following undertaking by parents and students plus 4 recent passport photos and other relevant papers as determined by the admission committee.


I, the undersigned, parent/guardian of ……………………………………………………
Declare that I have acquainted myself with the policies of the school as contained in its Prospectus, and that I undertake to support it in every aspect.
Undertake to uphold the character and policies of the school and to ensure that my child adheres to the rules and regulations of this institution to honour all financial obligations within my means.
Accept that admission and attendance of this institution is subject to continuous adherence and respect for the school rules and its ethos.
Consent that my child may go on educational excursions as arranged by the school and under supervision of its staff members, and that I will exempt the institution from any liability that might result from any incident or accident incurred during these visits, except in the case of willful negligence by the responsible supervisor(s). In case of emergencies I consent to any form of treatment that would be at the best interest of my child's state of health.
Expect my child to obey the rules and respect the authority while under their supervision.

……………………… ………………………………….

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