ESOL - English as second/additional language

Special programmes are available for students who need English Language support. Students needing English Language support are carefully assessed on entry to the school and have an individual programme created for them. This could be a few hours per week of Language work to a full programme of English teaching. Timetable flexibility enables ESOL students to link into mainstream subjects as their English language ability improves.

There is separate teacher to aid in the education of children with limited English proficiency. This teacher will work approximately 5 hours per week to create, maintain, and facilitate a program that not only encourages English proficiency but also proficiency in their native languages. Research supports that English proficiency comes quicker and easier with a solid foundation in a native language. English as a Second Language (ESL) students will participate in an intake/assessment process to identify which students will spend the majority of their instructional day in regular classrooms and those students who will spend a specified amount of time (for at least 5 hours per week) in an ESL classroom.

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