Assessments of academic activities are carried out continuously at CISD. Academic performances of students are carried out in the following manner.
  • Surprise Class Test ( at least four tests will be taken in a semester).
  • Half Yearly Examination
  • Annual Examination

Mark distribution in students academic assessment is given below.
Class Marks Distribution Exam Time
10 to 12 As per Cambridge Exam Standard CIE Standard
8 to 9

a. Hall Test – 70
(Examiner will make the questions following the CIE standard but after exam they will submit the marks converting into 70)
b. CT-   b. CT- 20
c. Attendance & Assignment-10

CIE Standard
KG-I to 7

a. Hall Test – 60
b. CT- 20
c. Attendance– 10
d. Assignment - 10

1 hour to 2 hour
PG to Nursery No Hall Test , only Evaluation & Grading  
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