Human Resources

Faculty Resources
All the faculties are coming from the renowned international schools of the Dhaka city. Faculties are chosen for their higher education from reputed universities from home and abroad, in depth understanding of modern international school culture, expertise in the subject area, updated knowledge and efficiency in modern teaching-learning practice, approach and methodologies, passion for teaching, years of experience in famous international schools in Dhaka.

Continuous Professional Development Unit (CPD)
We are fortunate that, because of the commitment and effort of service for children's education, our teachers receive the highest quality in-service training. This is provided by our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and Training and Development Units. In the CPD and T & D Units, we have a pool of resource persons coming from home and abroad. Professional development training is provided in the school, outside the school - in the home country and even in abroad. All the new and experienced teachers are receiving fixed hours of training each year.

A consequence of this provision is that there are occasions when your child's teacher will be absent from school to attend a training session. His/her place will be filled by one of our quality supply teachers who will liaise closely with the class teacher (before the day of the in-service session) to ensure that there is a continuity of teaching and learning.

The staff who are working in teaching management are also provided training on education leadership, curriculum matters and other administrative and management matters.

Staff Support Systems
Staff are supported through a buddy system for new staff, an induction program, staff wellness working party, performance management/mentoring, and through Occupational Health Safety and Welfare processes such as the Training Needs Analysis and Psychological Health surveys. Staff are also supported through the work of the School Support Staff. SSO's are deployed in Science, Art, Tech, Home Ec., Special Ed., IT, Finance and general administration.

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